How it Works

Browse our site and choose the style of portrait you want. 


or browse by theme/style:

  • HOLIDAY OR THEME:  Is a holiday coming up? Dress your pet up in a Santa or elf outfit! Friend’s birthday? Valentines Day?
  • TRADITIONAL: Maybe you’d like a formal portrait of your pet. We do that too. Check out the “traditional” line.
  • WILD & WHIMSICAL: Our specialty is the WILD AND WHIMSICAL PORTRAIT! We are verrrry creative! We use artistic backgrounds in all colors and textures, exciting designs and more to enhance your fur-ball.. Look through our sample portraits and pick what you like. Or let US decide what décor will bring out your pets special charms!

When you click on any portrait it will bring you to the main product page where you can upload your photo and choose from available options such as digital file or print, size of print, or any other options that are offered for that design. 


  • Close Ups work best, with your pet looking right at the camera.
  • Take your picture from the same level as your pet, not from above.
  • Pets eyes should be open.
  • Make sure picture is not blurry or too dark.
  • Make sure long or floppy ears are in the frame.
  • See our EXAMPLES of Before/After Photos.

Upload your photo, fill out any other requested information, add to cart and check out.

We will send a preview of your portrait within 3 business days. After you have approved your preview we will either send you the digital file or begin the process of having your print made. Most prints will be received within XX time after the preview has been approved.